I am an Investigative Genealogist, Adoption Searcher, and Reunion Specialist in the State About-Pamela-Slatonof New Jersey.

My business mainly focuses on locating birth families and adoption reunions. My area of expertise lies in having the ability to combine the search of historical records with contemporary data. I have been doing this type of research for the last 20+ years.

I work as a "no find no fee" searcher. I never charge any upfront fees.

If I am successful in locating the person that I am hired to find, my fee is $2,500.00.

I provide a written contract to all of my clients. If you are interested in hiring me to perform a search for you, please fill out the form on my contact page* adding as many details as possible.



I am often approached by people asking me if I do other types of research such as Asset Finding, Matrimonial, Child Custody Issues, Security, and Background/Criminal Searches. Unfortunately, I do not. My business is focused primarily on searching for birth families and family reunions.

I work with a reputable Licensed Investigator, Jon Gallant. He has a very impressive resume.

As a professional Adoption Reunion Specialist and Investigative Genealogist with over 20 years of experience in reuniting family, a typical search is for the following type of family members:

  • Birth Mother SearchPam Slaton Reunited Family
  • Birth Father Search
  • Birth Sibling Search
  • Birth Brother Search
  • Birth Sister Search
  • Adoption Search
  • Adoptee Search
  • Searching for Family
  • Searching for Long Lost Family
  • Searching for Birth Family
  • Searching for Sibling
  • Finding Birth Family

Please note that I do not get involved in locating someone for the purpose of back child support. 

If any of these terms suit you fill out the form to begin your search. For resources to begin your search on your own visit the Resources page for Tips for Getting Started on your own search.