My name is Pamela Slaton and I am an adoptee who, with scant information, discovered my birth parents over two decades ago. When I first began my search, there were barely any services available to those looking for clues. After discovering my birth parents, I started volunteering my experiences to local adoptee support groups before being hired as the New York contact for a major adoption finder agency.

Pamela OBR Investigative Genealogist/DNA Expert

I struck out on my own as an Investigative Genealogist with a "no find, no fee" (click here for fee range) pay policy, which I believed would help re-establish trust between clients and professional searchers. Pamela OBR the OBR stands for Open Birth Records.

I have successfully solved adoption cases all over the world, but specialize primarily in United States cases.

I am emotionally invested in my work because I have been in the shoes of my clients. I realize that there is a lot of anxiety and fear when a search is undertaken I like to view myself as a support system to my clients through the search process. First, contact is vital in setting the stage for a good reunion and it is important to be prepared. I also help guide my clients through their first contact via phone or letter.

All contact made is done with the highest level of confidentiality.

Over 90% of my cases go very well. I have solved thousands of cases to date.

Emotional Gamut of Your Birth Family Search

I highly recommend that anyone searching is prepared for a gamut of emotions. Even the most joyous reunions can be complicated. Searching takes mental preparation so that you can assure yourself that you are able to accept any outcome. There are a ton of books out there that give insight into the experiences of adoptees and birthparents.

I am often asked why I involve myself in this type of work after enduring a disastrous reunion. I love what I do wholeheartedly. It gives me great joy to witness my clients having the opportunity after years of searching to finally have closure. The excitement of listening to a happy reunion is something that I never get tired of.

My last thought is that I ask that you never give up. I have witnessed impossible cases that still come together. I truly believe what is meant to happen will as long as you are persistent.

Good luck to you.


Pam Slaton Michael Slaton

Pam Slaton with husband Michael Slaton

"Somewhere In The Crowd" song written by my son, Ron Slaton and featuring the talented Lauren Hart. Ron is dedicating this song to all those still searching! I hope you enjoy the song!

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