Working with and getting to know Pam has been and is one Run DMC Darryl McDanielsof the most incredible experiences of my life. When I started on my journey to find my birth mom, I was scared and afraid and was at a point of giving up. Pam is not only comforting and understanding, she is encouraging and compassionate all the while maintaining her professionalism and responsibility. Actually, she is like a mother to you. That's what separates Pam from the pack, she cares about everyone she works for, she just doesn't work for you, she cares about you and the outcome of your situation. We've become good friends.

- DMC of RUN DMC and Sheila Jaffe with children attending Camp Felix, an organization founded by them to help foster children attend camp

Pamela connected me with my Birth Mother. I was told by two other agencies that there was little hope for me in finding her and that she is probably dead. I called Pamela and spoke with her over the phone. Immediately I was being asked questions that these other agencies did not even think to ask me. I felt her concern and consideration for me with the first five minutes of speaking with Pamela. I felt she really cared! She wanted results and so did I. Within the first week she found her maiden name and the following week I received a call from Pamela telling me she located her! I was amazed at her tenacity and quick results. I think her personal experience in adoption has a lot to do with her performance. Pamela knows what it feels like to be adopted. If anyone is contemplating hiring and investigator, contemplate no more, give Pamela Slaton a call and connect with your birth family.

You are wonderful, I'm glad Darryl found you. You were soooo nurturing, loving and caring to him but then he's easy to love. You and I haven't had a chance to talk about how that experience affected me or my side of "The Journey". When you called Jayyidah, she forgot to give me your message. She was married, raising to sons, working and going to college. It wasn't until after the first telephone call from Darryl that she remembered some woman had called wanting information about the Lovelace family. She also told me that she had met Darryl. Years ago, she and a friend of her's went to a studio in Times Square to be in a Ghostbusters II video. She spent about four hours with Run DMC and a group called the Hurricanes. Jayyidah didn't know she had a brother and Darryl didn't know he was adopted. I believe, that's why she was the first person you found. Jayyidah and Darryl's energy was strong and stayed connected. Divine intervention. I watched the Video again when Jackie said the clip they're showing is the telephone call and actual reunion. I wasn't as calm as Darrly thought I was. Like him, I couldn't breath. My "Inner Child" (the voice in my head) was telling me to "Breath, Breath". There were lots of thoughts playing and replaying in my head. I was also dealing with my "Inner Child" yelling at me for saying, "it's possible". "It's possible, you know he's your son, why did you say that, that's the dumbest thing you've ever said. He's talking to you, answer him, say something". But, it all went well, it was Real. You probably don't know, when I spoke to Darryl (Lovelace) the second time he told me he was a musician. I ask him if he played an instrument, he said no he sang and had a few albums out. I was thinking but didn't say, "if you stick with it maybe you'll make it". Surprise, surprise. A thought just came to me; I'm going to write my side of "The Journey" to share with you. What I did after both telephone calls; how I shared the information with my sons who didn't know they had a brother; how years ago Jayyidah had found out she had a brother; my stopped up toilet sitting in the hall outside the bathroom fifteen minutes before the filming that morning; information my co-workers shared with me; the woman who told me how one of RUN DMC's albums helped her deal with her father's suicide; how your reuniting Darryl and me has affected so many people. Thank you again for making my family complete, all my children are together. I've added you to my list of, "Earth Angels".

Take care, we'll be in touch. xoxo
Love (Lots Of Vital Energy).

Peace, Love & Prosperity

I am a certified family law attorney who has conducted successful adoption searches for more than 30 years (and worked unsuccessfully on my own for 35 years). Pam found my birth family in a matter of weeks, even though my mother used a fake name. I don't do searches anymore--I just refer people to Pam. I have recommended her to potential clients and to other lawyers, including in the law book I wrote, Handling Child Custody, Abuse, and Adoption Cases 3d. She is fair, ethical, quick, and in my book, an absolute genius.

Ann M. Haralambie

I came to Pam after reading an article in our local Sierra Vista, AZ newspaper in August 2009. I had found my birth mother when I was 22 (am now 42). I had a story and a name for my father and gave her everything that I knew. Pam spent about 4 months on me and I think almost gave up...but I sent her an email about a week before Christmas and it gave her a boost to check into "one more thing". That "thing" triggered a domino effect and everything fell into place.

Pam was able to give me all of my information right before Christmas 2009. She found my deceased father and my three brothers as well as Aunt's, Uncle's and friends of my father. The name that I had for him was a name that he went by when he met my mother, but was not his true name so that made the search difficult, at best. It's not a perfect reunion. My father passed away in 2006, and two of my three brothers don't really care. However, I have one brother that does speak with me and fill's me in on my father's life (we look very much alike). I have an Aunt that I speak with twice a week and Uncle's that I have spoken to that tell me if my father had known that he had a daughter...."he would have held me high up on a pedestal". My father had a "feeling" about me back in 1966 and he called my mother to see if she was pregnant...she told him that she was not.

Thank you, Pamela, for not giving up on this truly difficult case. Thank you for filling in my missing links and for connecting me to my "other half". Some people just don't get it..... it doesn't have to be a super happy ending....it's that I finally have answers and a picture of him and that connection.

Deborah Davis

I am always honored and delighted to tell others about my experience with Pamela.

In the spring of 2000, I accidentally found Pamela while surfing reunion sites, as I had for several years. She agreed to undertake the search to find my son, my first-born, whom I relinquished for adoption in 1978.

Although there had been efforts made at the time to make it hard to track him down, Pamela found my son. It took several months, which I have been told by others she has worked for is much longer than her searches usually take. During the process, she was patient with my anxiety (OK, to be honest, I was obsessive and possessed). Once my son was located and I contacted him by email, he was skeptical about responding to me. Pamela was in touch with him for 5 LONG weeks while he struggled to decide if he wanted to speak with me. Pamela was kind and patient with him, and supportive and encouraging to me.

On Halloween 2000, my son wrote me an email for the first time. On December 9, 2000 we met face-to-face for the first time since the caseworker took him from my hospital room in 1978.

We have a loving, supportive relationship today. Pamela made it possible -- I had been searching for 4 years on my own. The debt of gratitude I owe Pamela has no bounds. I could not have survived the experience if she hadn't handled it as she did. I remain forever in her debt.

Carol Pinkasavage
Mohnton PA

Pamela Slaton helped me answer the biggest question that burdened me my entire life. Where did I come from? I had always wanted to find my birth mother, but I did not know how to go about doing it. Today, I have a wonderful relationship with my birth mother, as well as three younger sisters, along with aunts and uncles and cousins! I never understood the magnetic pull that blood relations had until I met them all. It is an incredibly real feeling and one that I never would have experienced had it not been for Pamela.

I had always put off having kids because of my "issues" with being adopted. Now, a year and a half later, my wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl. Meeting and getting to know my biological family changed everything in my life. I now know where I came from. You deserve to know your biological roots. You deserve to have closure in you life. Pamela Slaton can make these things possible. I know you are wondering if you should take the plunge and do this. My advice is to go for it! I know I'm glad I did.

-John Kennedy

I cannot recommend any researcher more highly than Pamela O'Brian. Two years ago, I hired her to try to find information about a cousin of mine who had, in 1928, been "given up" for adoption. With virtually no information to go on, other than an approximate date of birth, within a few weeks, Pam managed to not only get her birth name and birth date; she also was able to locate info regarding the family that adopted her. Pam also tracked this lady through two marriages, and, to finalize the process, managed to locate her, where she was now living in the mid-west. My cousin never knew anything about her birth family, but now, thanks to Pam, my cousin's been reunited with a whole group of relatives, as well as a niece and nephew she never knew. If Pam can find someone after 76 years, whose name had been changed three times, and who, as a child, had been relocated to the mid-west, she can find ANYONE.

-Neilan Stern

Hello everyone. My name is Chris. I am going to try and give you a brief synopsis, if that is possible, of my journey to find my wife's birth mother. Let me tell you that I searched and used many different companies. I spent an insane amount of money with the same results....NOTHING!! I am a New Yorker and very skeptic to begin with so this did not help the situation. Then one day I was given a website, which brought me to Pamela.

I checked out this entire site. It seemed impossible to find someone with this much integrity. I relooked through the website again and again. I thought I was missing something. Where is the catch? Where is the scam? I could not find anything. So what did I do? I called Pamela. We had a great conversation and she explained to me that if she does not find my wife's birth mother or the next of kin..... There would be no fee. I asked for a contract. Pamela e-mailed it to me and we began our journey.

When Pamela began the search, she recommended that I speak with her instead of my wife because it could be a very emotional journey. I spoke with my wife and she agreed. Pamela did let us make the final decision. Our search began on 07/12/05, and I provided Pamela with limited information on my wife's birth mom and siblings. Pamela provided me with more information on the first day then I received from all the companies I tried prior. No, we did not find anyone the first day.

Pamela and I had numerous phone conversations during this search. I was shocked, someone in this business is actually working. I felt like I immediately formed a friendship with her. She was actually putting her heart and soul into this search. She cared! When I realized the passion Pamela had, I automatically gave her my word to provided her with my total cooperation. If she asked me to do something to help.... no matter what it was..... I did it. I forgot to tell you that my wife was adopted at birth, right from the hospital. My wife is my entire life so this was the ultimate priority.

After about three weeks of ups and downs, Pamela calls me with some info. Remember not all information is good. Pamela informed me that she found information on my wife's birth mom. I was extremely excited. Pamela gave me the news as though she was telling her best friend, with the dignity in class. She told me the birth mom had died many years ago. I thought great, I now must tell my wife. Not something I was looking forward to do. Pamela asked me if I was all right. I said yes. She then told me that she was not finished. She then told me that my wife not only had two sisters but three. Pamela then told me to give her some more time to find them.

About two days later Pamela called me. She provided me with the names of all three of my wife's sisters and their addresses and phone numbers. We made contact with them on Aug 1, 2005. You’re probably wondering why my wife is not writing her story. My wife's story is just beginning. She has not had a minutes rest since Aug 1, 2005.

We had a family reunion on 08/14/05 with my wife's sisters. It was very emotional and fun. By the end of the day, you would have thought that they knew each other forever.

I would like to leave everyone that reads this with a few thought. In today’s world it is hard to find someone that is honest, trustworthy, and passionate. If you find someone like I described that would without question be Pamela. I am proud to call her my friend. If you were wondering...I am not on her payroll. Please feel free to contact me via email at laurentravel@optonline.net If you want to talk and ask questions, leave your phone number.

Pamela, Lisa and I can't thank you enough.
We love you.


After very little success over many years of trying to locate my birth parents Pam was recommended to me. Not only was she always professional, she was also one of the most concerned and caring people I encountered in my search. Most importantly not only did she locate my birth parents, she did it faster than I could have thought possible. I highly recommend Pam to anyone looking to locate their birth families. Good luck.

-Peter Goldring

Dear Pamela,

Thank you, thank you, thank you yet one more time for making one of the sweetest reunions ever take place. We’ve just returned from Atlanta where we had a warm and wonderful reunion with Elizabeth who brought her 15 year old daughter along. We held it in a Marriott Hotel’s conference room near with roses and pictures and hugs and kisses and food and tears and laughter and stories and love. The Marriott staff also sent up a bottle of champagne! They look like mother and daughter! I am so glad that in light of Sydnee’s slow but steady decline into the darkness of dementia that you were able to help us make this happen before it was too late. I truly would have been lost without you.

With love and deep, abiding gratitude,


When I first called Pamela she impressed me right away. Jeanne StrahleyShe asked what agency I was adopted through and I said Catholic Home Bureau. She said, oh, then you were baptized through St. Edwards and born at Misacordia Hospital. I was amazed that she knew this information off the bat. I said you're hired!
She started working on my case on a Saturday and by Wednesday I had my mother's information in my hands. I was in shock that all my dreams of getting this information had come true. My birthmother was a reality. Pamela coached me as I made initial phone contact with my birthmother and it went great!

Without Pamela I would have never have all my questions answered. She is a miracle worker who was able to let me fill the void in my life I've had for the last 35 years. Pamela is a great person who is friendly, caring and easy to work with. I can't thank her enough. My experience with Pamela has been great and has changed me forever! Thank you Pamela.

-Jeanne Strahley

Two days before my 37th birthday, i got a call from "pam"-who claimed they had an adoptee they were helping someone search for. I knew instantly this was my birthmother on the phone with the woman who identified herself as pam.

All went well, i was responsive, and my birthmother was all to pleased to say the least.- this was in August 2005.

after finding me after all these years, my birth mother - jan- who is the most unselfish person i know, told me about my medical history, and that breast cancer ran in the family. With knowing more and more everyday, by talking on the phone, and e-mails, we became friends and i was finding out information i never had before.

i made all kinds of doctors appointments, and soon found out from a mammogram ( one that my doctors said i didnt' even need yet, cause i wasnt' at the age they thought appropriate) --that i indeed had a lump - so small, they said " would'nt have been detected for years, without the mammogram". this was in November. December comes, and i am scheduled for a Mastectomy. due to the strong history- from what my birth mother has told me- the mastectomy happens the first week in January,2006.

Now i am having Chemo treatments to make sure all the cancer is gone. If it had not been for my birthmother jan, i would have not had the chance to live. They could have found the cancer in 4 years or so- when i was actually going to have the required mammogram from the obgyn- and who knows how big, or what stage they would have found it in.-and how long i would have to live with it, or even worse. I have 2 children, girls, 8 & 9. and with the knowledge i have now, from my birthmother, i am able to guide my children into directions that would have never been taken, for i had no information what so ever about my medical history before.

Again. without the love and unselfishness of this wonderful woman , my life has been shaken upside down,and turned all around. for the better- for the much better, she is someone i hold dear to my heart, and meeting her would be a joy beyond dictionary word capacity. this woman has changed my life. I owe her my love, my adulthood, and my well being. i will respect & love this woman unconditionally forever.

and that is my story!


My experience working with PamelaJoanne Montag is more then special to me because were family. She found my son whom i gave up for adoption 43 years ago. We've be reunited now for two years and life couldn't be better. I have two granddaughters and a beautiful daughter-in-law, my son and i see each other every few months and talk on the phone every day.

Pamela found him in a matter of week's she's the best at what she does. God put her here to do good for other's she blessed my life.

-Joanne Montag

I am always honored and delightedCarol Pink to tell others about my experience with Pamela.

Four years ago, she undertook the search to find my son, my first-born, whom I relinquished for adoption in 1978.

Although there had been efforts made at the time to make it hard to track him down, Pamela found my son. It took several months, which I have been told by others she has worked for is much longer than her searches usually take. During the process, she was patient with my anxiety (OK, to be honest, I was obsessive and possessed). Once my son was located and I contacted him by email, he was skeptical about responding to me. Pamela was in touch with him for 5 weeks while he struggled to decide if he wanted to speak with me. Pamela was kind and patient with him, and supportive and encouraging to me.

On Halloween 2000, my son wrote me an email for the first time. On December 9, 2000 , we met face-to-face for the first time since the caseworker took him from my hospital room in 1978.

We have a loving, supportive relationship today. Pamela made it possible -- I had been searching for 4 years on my own. The debt of gratitude I owe Pamela has no bounds. I could not have survived the experience if she hadn't handled it as she did.

Forever in your debt,

-Carol Pink

I honestly don't know where to start...Sue and if I spent as much time writing today as I spent hoping and wishing for information, answers, faces (34 years!)...it STILL wouldn't convey the magnitude of importance that my search holds for me.

The bottom line is this; were it not for Pamela, I wouldn't be here to write of my experiences.

Yes, 34 years of longing and wondering. 34 years in which I presumed I had thought of every possible scenario and outcome.

The fact that you are here reading this tells me you don't need an explanation of the feelings and thoughts that came BEFORE my search. I suspect you know those feelings all too well. Rather, I will share my POST search feelings and experiences.

I was placed for adoption at birth and adopted at the age of 10 months. I was raised in a loving family (a fairy tale upbringing of sorts) and with full understanding that I had been adopted, like my older brother was before me. While my brother has shown little to no interest in doing his own search, I was determined to do so from the beginning.

Pamela was the key to making my wish become reality.

With professional demeanor and the expertise and know-how that only comes from experience, she not only conducted my search..she also brought it to an end in what to me seemed like an incredulous amount of time.

She initiated the contact and handled the entire operation from beginning to end with compassion that only a person who has "been there" can.

The short story is this;

SueMy (birth) mother passed away long ago. However, she left behind a large loving family - her own mother (whom I had been named after when I was in foster care), eight (yes, EIGHT!) siblings, and a child whom she gave birth to after me. A sister - MY sister - my BABY sister. As if this isn't all enough, my sister lives 15 minutes away from me. The majority of the rest of the family lives within an hours drive. Wait - it gets better.... one year after finding, my sister and I decided to have DNA testing done "just to make sure" we were indeed sisters at some level. As it turns out, we are not merely sisters - we are FULL blooded sisters; we share the same father! I found BOTH sides of my family. Our father lives far away and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting him one day. But I know who he is and where he is. As a result of his second marriage, I also have a brother. The fact that my sister and most of the others live so close is miraculous enough but the other coincidences (Yes! There are ore!) are mind boggling, to say the least. Now, two years after "finding" we are continuing to build our relationship and get to know one another.

The answers I was so in need of are coming - as are new questions.SueThe process is ongoing and I cannot thank God or Pamela enough for the good fortune I've experienced. The entire experience has been amazing but as we begin to seetle into these new found and yet basic relationships - it's the emotional aspect that is most profound, for all concerned parties I believe. The release of the bottled up emotions which spanned 3+ decades added to the emotions inspired as a result of a search complete is highly charged - to say the very least. Regretfully, not everybodys search ends as ideally as mine has. But for me, the search was essential regardless of what the outcome would be. To me it seems as if everything has come "full circle" for everyone touched by this. My sister and I know have each other and we like to think that our mother can finally rest in peace as a result. There are no words for the high regard in which I hold Pamela. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. Please contact me if you would like more information from me or would like more details of my reunion - I could talk about this until your ears fall off!!!!

I can be contacted at: SQUID8468@AOL.COM

Wishing you each all the best in your individual searches...


I contacted Pam earlier this yearJennifer Dodge to find my birth mother. Pam was reluctant take my case and not optimistic she would find a successful outcome given the information I was able to provide. However, she thankfully agreed to take my case on. I thought the process would take a very long time if successful at all. To my shock, she found the information for me within 24 hours. It took me several months to actually do something with my information and finally write to my birth mother. She responded to me..also much quicker than I expected (as I wasn't optimistic for a response) and was very happy to have been found. I have since met my birth mother, grandparents, and three half siblings. It has been an incredible emotional roller coaster...in a way I never expected, however also invaluable.
I feel eternally grateful for the help that Pam provided me. She not only provided me the information, she was very supportive through the process. I still feel amazed that I have the information that I now have, and it wouldn't have been possible without her.

-Jennifer Dodge

I was contacted by Pamela originallyJennifer Dodge because my biological sister hired her to find me. My sister told me that she had hired another searcher before contacting Pamela, but had gotten nowhere with the original searcher over a period of more than two years. Pamela was able to find me in just a few weeks. I learned from Pamela that my biological mother and father were both still alive and that I had four full-blooded biological sisters (my father was married to someone else when my mother got pregnant, they latter married and had four daughters). The reunion with my mother occurred by telephone on mother's day this year. Later, my mother visited me in Amsterdam, followed by my sister, then I visited her in Connecticut and met my other three sisters. Since that initial visit in Connecticut, I've returned to the US once for a weekend and two of my other sisters have visited me here. One is here visiting me at the moment actually. It's been a great, life-enriching experience thus far and I expect it to continue to be that. One aspect that was particularly nice for me is that they did the searching. I was afraid to start something that might never come to fruition, so I never even tried searching myself. Also, the fact that they searched eliminated any worries I might have had about them not wanting me if I'd been searching and had been able to find them.

Of greater interest to you may be the fact that I was not the only child adopted by myJennifer Dodge adoptive parents. I also have an adopted sister, Lynn. After my family found me, I told Pamela about Lynn and asked her whether she might be able to do something for her. Lynn then asked Pamela to try finding her biological family. Pamela found Lynn's biological mother in just two weeks. Not only did she find Lynn's biological mother and obtain all of the applicable confirmation information, she also found a phone number for Lynn's biological father, despite the fact that he had not married her mother and despite the fact that he now lives in Arizona (we were both born and grew up in Buffalo New York). Unfortunately for Lynn, her biological mother is not in a state of great health and Lynn has not yet been able to meet her mother because of health concerns. However, she has met her aunt and uncle and cautious moves to reunite her with her mother are being undertaken by them.

I've never met Pamela in person. However, the impression of her that I've gotten by telephone is extremely positive. We've kept in touch since this all happened in May of this year. She told me that she got started doing this searching stuff when she searched for her own birth parents. Her experience was not as positive as mine or Lynn's. I think that Pamela is extremely sensitive, very generous with advice and support and will do the best she can for you. I know that one of the annoyances that my biological sister had with the original searcher was the fact that she felt she was being brushed off when she asked for progress updates and that she didn't feel the original searcher was actually doing anything to find me. I am absolutely certain that you will be more than satisfied with the personal attention your case will get from Pamela because I believe that Pamela doesn't just do this job for money, but because of the satisfaction she gets from her work. My impression of her is that she's a woman with a mission and that the fee is just a nice perk. In that context, this information may also help you make a decision... My sister Lynn didn't really have the money to pay for Pamela's services herself, but was also loath to ask me for it.
Pamela came to an agreement with Lynn to do the search for a reduced rate. Once she found Lynn's mother, she called me and asked me if I wanted to pay the fee because she knew it was problematic for Lynn. Of course, I had already told her I wanted to do this for Lynn. However, Pamela also passed on the reduction she'd agreed to with Lynn to me.

I wish you all the success in the world in your search and I hope that your reunion is a happy one,


After 44 year of wondering and 23 yearsJennifer Dodge of searching on my own my prayers were answered. I found out about Pamela. She is wonderful, caring and professional. She puts her heart and soul into her work. My search was a very difficult one and Pamela never gave up.

I will never forget the day the phone rang and it was Pamela she said "I found your Birth Mom and she is alive and well!" Words I had waited a life time to hear!

When I got the information I just sat and looked at it for a while. I knew my Mothers name and phone number. The emotions that come over you are just incredible. I was so happy but so scared of being rejected by my Birth Mother. I had often thought about what I would say to her. I wanted to thank her for having me and loving me enough to make sure that I would be loved and cared for by two parents. I wanted her to know that if she wanted a relationship with me that would be great and if she didn't I understood.

After a day or so I finally got the courage up to call her. My hands were shaking so bad I could hardly dial the phone. The phone just rang and rang. I couldn't believe it NO ANSWER! I tried several times over the next few hours but no answer. I had decided to give up and try again tomorrow. I called my sister in law and told her I wasn't able to reach my Birth Mom. Just as I said that my phone beeped. It was my Birth Mom, she said is someone there trying to reach me I usually don't call numbers back that I don't know but I had to this time. Seems like someone there really wants to talk to me.

My heart just started to pound! This was it! I told her my name and asked if she could speak freely. She said yes. I told her my birth date and asked her if that day meant anything to her. She said "OH MY GOD ITS MY BABY ON THE PHONE!" She said she had always loved me and never wanted to give me up. We both just started to cry.

I told her that she was a grandmother. I had a beautiful daughter that I named Susan because that was the name she had given me at birth. I found out that I had a sister and two brothers that knew about me and had wanted to find me. They didn't look because she feared that I didn't know I was adopted and she always hoped that I would find her.

The next few days I talked to my sister and brothers. It was amazing to me how this wonderful family welcomed me. I have six beautiful nieces and nephews. My husband and I joke now that over night my side of the family is bigger than his.

Two weeks later we all met at my sister's house. As we pulled in the driveway there was a huge banner across the house. That said "WELCOME HOME JEANNE, SUE AND RALPH". We had Thanksgiving dinner in February. I will never forget seeing and hugging my family for the first time. Tears of joy were and smiles on every ones faces. We didn't want the day to end. GOD TRULY BLESSED ME! Not only do I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. I have my Mom in my life. Being raised as an only child I now know the joys of having a sister and brothers. We are so close it is like we have never been apart. GOD Bless you Pamela. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. For making dreams come true and bringing families together.

I always knew that I wanted to search for my birth mother. I was always very nervous about doing so, because you never know what the outcome will be. Some stories are so positive, and yet there are those that aren't. So, I put my name on the registries, and tried so hard to search for my birth mother on my own. On and off for almost 30 years, I have been searching, but to no avail. I would always get so frustrated, always running into so many brick walls. It wasn't until recently that I received an email from Pamela, telling me of her story, and of the possibility that she might be able to help me in my search. So, after we spoke, I decided to take a chance, and I gave Pamela my information. It was the best decision I could have made. To my surprise and excitement, what I couldn't do on and off for almost 30 years, Pamela was able to do in a week and a half. Locate my birth mother! When Pamela told me that she found her, I was a bundle of every kind of emotion. Not knowing how my birthmother would react, was a huge concern of mine, but, to my surprise my birth mother was extremely happy that I had found her, as she wanted to look for me also, but was not sure how to go about doing so. Today, I enjoy an extremely wonderful relationship, with not only my birth mother, but a wonderful extended family as well, that consists of 4 sisters and a whole lot of cousins. We keep in touch through email, and just recently on Valentine's Day, I spoke with my birth mother for 2 hours, making it the most Happy Valentine's Day that I have ever had. Working with Pamela, was truly a remarkable, heartfelt, and caring experience.


I often referred to Pam as "My Angel." Pam was thorough and more than efficient in finding Ann - my birth-mother. After slowly developing a long-distance relationship, I now speak with my Ann weekly, her husband is terrific, and I'm fortunate enough to see her every few months (she lives in Chicago and I in N.J.). I don't believe everyone can have the wonderful experience that I am fortunate to be experiencing, but you only live once.

-Name Withheld For Privacy

2004 was about to become one of the most memorable years of my life- I made the monumental decision to search for my birth parents. Not having a clue how to begin this process, I figured it would be in my best interest to seek professional assistance. Lucky for me, a friend of mine went through a similar process and provided me with a name and number of someone who could help. Enter, Pamela Slaton-O'Brien.

I first made contact with Pamela by phone on 1/8/04 and by 1/21/04 , she called to tell me my case was closed. Pamela had not only located my birth mother and grand mother, she had already made verbal contact with them and they were anxious to speak to me. To date, I've met these special women and we keep a weekly open dialogue. Moreover, through this reunion, my birth mother put me in touch with my birth father and we too continue an open dialogue via e-mail. Fortunately, my story has had a happy ending.

As for Pamela, I have great respect for her and what she does. She was a "true" professional throughout this entire process. She is a compassionate and patient individual whom I will always call a friend. We adoptee's are fortunate to have her in our corner. Good Luck!


My story began about 12 years ago when, at a family gathering, someone made mention of my late aunt's third child. Never having heard anything about this child before, I pressed for more information. I was told that in 1928, my aunt, whose husband had deserted her some months before, gave birth to her third child, a girl. As the family at that time was very poor, it was decided that the child would be given up for adoption, which she was. After that, all contact was lost.

In late 2003, I decided to try to try to locate evidence about this lost cousin, and to discover if she was still alive, (her birth mother and two sisters had already passed on), and where she might be. After fruitlessly banging my head against walls while trying to find any record about her, I was extremely fortunate when someone connected me to Pamela. With practically no information to go on, other than the parent's names and approximate year of birth, Pamela jumped in with both feet. Remember, this child was missing for over 75 years. Within a few weeks, Pam managed to discover that the child had been adopted by a family in Chicago. She also tracked her through two marriages. The best part of all is that Pamela located my cousin, who is still alive. My cousin has now happily established contact with a niece, a nephew, and cousins that she had never known.

I can never thank Pamela enough for what she has done for me, and for my family.
Continued success!


I am happy to refer Pamela Slaton as a searcher. My relationship with Pamela began sometime in the early winter of 2003. She contacted me via e-mail, inquiring whether I'd ever considered a searcher to assist with my adoption-related searching.

I wrote her back, politely saying I'd been searching on and off for about 17 years; and, although I often felt at a brick wall in my search, I would continue to plug away on my own. I kept her email for later use...just in case. That was in November or late Oct, I think.
In January of 2004 she wrote me again - and my reply was something along the lines of, "Hi there! You wrote me just a couple months ago and I said,”No thank you. Thanks again ..." or something similar. With her responding email apologizing for the double inquiries, we struck up a dialogue via email.

After telling her nearly all my trials and errors, successes and failures at searching, I agreed to finally let someone help me. I was 40 years old, with a daughter who was nearly 6 and, at that point, I truly believed with all my intuition that the woman I so wanted to find (my birthmother) and I had a lot in common...but we'd never met since that fateful day I was born.

I followed my intuition. It paid off. With the years of work and information I'd gathered, Pamela was able to find my birthmother alive and living less than 4 hours away. Wow. People marry, change names, move and move again...and with all our technology and "progress" the world is still a HUGE place!

The business she has chosen for herself is full of pitfalls of the hardest nature for she is dealing with people on a deeply personal, emotional level. Every one of her customers has some measure of emotional investment in the outcome they are hoping for, making her job like that of a modern day miracle worker.

I searched on and off for a very long time before ever toying with the idea of a searcher...part of the reason was my pride: I wanted to have the glory of finding my birthmother myself! (Who doesn't want to claim that success!?) And I told myself I'd be giving up in some way if I allowed someone to help me.

It took me the last 3 months of my search to honestly realize I had gone as far as I could go, alone - and Pamela was the answer. If she hadn't written me by mistake that second time...well, who knows...Good karma, perhaps.

I'd been born in October but didn't quite remember the day...and it all was fine.

I know we will continue to be enlightened by our reunion. I have 3 half-siblings who are growing curious about me...I hope to meet them in the coming months.